Another story from Eggtown - Jajce, Bosnia

I had a trip last week to the west of Bosnia. It's simply unavoidable to pass Jajce and not to take a few photos. My favourite spot is a location with dozens of water mills spread on a small waterfalls of Pliva river, which is actually a lake so green that you ask your self whether some million of smaragd jewels placed at the bottom of that lake.

But, those water mills are really always impressive. Sounds of burbling water is so relaxing and calming so your brain is clear as the water under the mills only after few minutes spent here. Grass and forest a just another part of this symphony. Near is car camping location, and if you like it's possible to stay more and get more of it.
This magic is only few minutes of bicycle drive from the centre of Jajce town. It's an old town with a lot of medieval fragments all around the place. Jajce was the last Bosnian medieval capital before Ottomans captured and killed the last Bosnian king there.
Close to centre is the magnificent waterfall, saved by the recent reconstruction, meant to be there for next few centuries. Here is also a place where was proclaimed ex Yugoslav state, during WW2.
Don't miss to visit, it's only 60km from Banja Luka to the south, and some 170km from Sarajevo.


About Twitter Automation

Let's learn something useful today, something about automatic tweets, time saving and more intelligent use of Internet. When you set all up, you gonna feel proud on your self.
First, hope you have Twitter account, and you use it often to promote your business, blog all yourself. You need to tweet a lot to be recognised and to have as much followers, the real ones, who will check your work and interact with you.
I  spent a lot of time on my tweets and driving some traffic to my blog, or some other services. Then I somehow notice a service which offered something which I couldn't refuse it. This service gave me at least 4 hours of free time and a lot of different opportunities regarding e-mails, Facebook, SMS and some affiliate earnings. But, today I will focus just on Twitter.
So, let's start with some work instead of talking. :)
First, complete marketing toolbox you will find on SimplyCast web page. There you will sign up for all different services they offer for free. Than please just follow instruction which are very simple and quick, you can't miss anything important here. When you finish, you will be able to automate hundreds tweets daily, and also some other interesting stuff, about searching for followers, automatic messages, replies and so on.
My favourite is geographical search in "Smart List". You just enter key word, mark a city and put circle area in kilometres, and in a second you will have all tweeps about it for a certain area. Very nice and useful!
Please check it, and ask if something is fuzzily.
Have a nice day with something new!


Road to South-East of Bosnia

I love to travel south-east direction from Sarajevo. Not crowded and not so bad road. Beautiful and interesting in any time and season. Well, maybe not so interesting in the winter time, if you are not prepared and if the road is closed.

I prefer to use it in the summer and autumn. In the summer, in the mountains, air is refreshing and a gentle breeze makes you a good mood. In the fall season, colours are incredible and outstanding. You simple forget anything else and makes so many brakes and stops for shooting photos and sometimes this travel take twice needed time.

My favourite breaks are Tjentiste, national park with a great monument from the second world war, Cemerno, the mountain crossing and natural border between continental and Mediterranean climate with a fantastic view to the highest mountain peaks in Bosnia toward state border with Montenegro and Bileca, with an old medieval necropolis, some 30 kilometres before the final stop in Trebinje.
With all these stops and temporary short brakes, you need about 5 hours of very smooth and relaxing drive.

If you come here, take your time and pass this route. Breakfast in Tjentiste, coffee in Bileca and lunch in Trebinje. Don't hurry and take it easy...