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Lately I have new fun. Posting some hubs at HubPages. There is a widget on the left already but I want to make this special post just to remind you and myself on a great thing we can find on the net.
Actually this meant to be a back links base for my first four hubs on a HubPages.

First one is about my favourite Bosnian destination

Second one was about Bosnian waterfalls

Then I create a hub about my ex cell phones

And the latest is about Bosnian political composition

Have fun and enjoy reading!


Some new ideas

Just to inform you, recently I discovered a new place for reading good stuff on the net and sharing ideas and experiences.
I am really glad that such places exist and functioning, because info portals, magazines, forums etc. are mostly loss of your time and this is just opposite from all these things.
Please check and join me on HubPages i know you will like this, if you are already not there.

Have a nice day and enjoy life!


Another story from Eggtown - Jajce, Bosnia

I had a trip last week to the west of Bosnia. It's simply unavoidable to pass Jajce and not to take a few photos. My favourite spot is a location with dozens of water mills spread on a small waterfalls of Pliva river, which is actually a lake so green that you ask your self whether some million of smaragd jewels placed at the bottom of that lake.

But, those water mills are really always impressive. Sounds of burbling water is so relaxing and calming so your brain is clear as the water under the mills only after few minutes spent here. Grass and forest a just another part of this symphony. Near is car camping location, and if you like it's possible to stay more and get more of it.
This magic is only few minutes of bicycle drive from the centre of Jajce town. It's an old town with a lot of medieval fragments all around the place. Jajce was the last Bosnian medieval capital before Ottomans captured and killed the last Bosnian king there.
Close to centre is the magnificent waterfall, saved by the recent reconstruction, meant to be there for next few centuries. Here is also a place where was proclaimed ex Yugoslav state, during WW2.
Don't miss to visit, it's only 60km from Banja Luka to the south, and some 170km from Sarajevo.