Deer Lake - somewhere behind the mountain mirror

What is enough to be happy and satisfied in the autumn afternoon? Newspapers, coffee? Or a short trip to Sarajevo's neighbourhood mountain. Come to the end of road, walk a while, enjoy fresh air, smell of late autumn and shoot a few pictures.
First an old forest, stronger than thousand winds and storms. Home of good dwarfs.
Lake is mountain eye, a mirror where this beauty find its place, every day and morning.

I discovered a place for myself when colours left, but still it was a nice and inspiring. Didn't see any of deer (name of the lake). Just one extremely clever dog, came to check us and protect his sheeps.



Tom said...

Hello, very nice photo and blog, I might visit Bosnia later on this year, is it very cold in winter there?

Bajazid T said...

Thanks for your comment!
Sometimes it's very cold here in the winter time, especially in the mountains. Normally, there is up to -10C, mostly abot 0C.