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Skies are Limit?

I love to visit different places. Most of all love to come somewhere without a sound nearby. Usually those places are very high, sometimes above clouds.

Lovćen is one of these. It's not in Bosnia, you will have to go more to the south, Montenegro. You can find some snow here even in the May. Remember that Adriatic is only 100 kilometres from there.


Catch the Sun

On a foggy day sun is somewhere high under the fog sea which covers the city and suburban. The only way to catch some of the light is to climb high and higher. When you are enough high, then everything is possible, even to catch the sun.
Cavljak is 15 minutes by car from Sarajevo downtown area. Five minutes walk later and you are witness of spectacular sunset.

Sometimes, when wind has sympathy for us, winter day in Sarajevo is clear and colourful. Those days are also for sun hunters. You only need to wait for right moment, when sun is low and somewhat sleepy. Try to catch it, or wait tomorrow. New day and a new chance.