I know, you just hear this water and feel the fresh breath of Bosnian mountain spring. This place is in the heart of Bosnia, in Travnik, Bosnian capital in 18th century.
This corner of the town is called "Blue Water", famous for many hundreds years for anyone who wants to rest his soul for a few hours.
Near is good food, traditional coffee, quiet people and plenty of time for everyone. Nobody is in a hurry, time is slow.


Miguel said...

I been looking to all yout pictures and this one waw the one that able to caught my attention. If I have another article and need some nature's great images I will then asked you for this one. I hope that woud be ok.

Bajazid T said...

More will come soon. One of my favorite is the last one with a boath http://bit.ly/YrbHO4
Stay tuned! :)