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European oldtown from 1001 night.

Sarajevo is unique city in Europe and maybe in whole world. Sometimes people call it European Jerusalem, due to magnificent atmosphere, mixed cultures, differences on each corner.
Old Town shows that spirit more than any other part of the city.
Only few hundred meters walk makes you feel like that you sit in a time machine. First you pass modern buildings, tram street and come to Austro-Hungarian part of the city. Here you have sense that you came into one of Budapest or Vienna parts. Walk on and you are suddenly in an Instanbul street with a lot of craftwork shops, small dining restaurants and carpet shops like in any Marrakech quart
Some of churches, mosques or synagogues are older than four hundred years, and even more. All that in a specific "circle of love" how domestic people call this route, which connect these places of worship.
Come and spread a word about it.



I know, you just hear this water and feel the fresh breath of Bosnian mountain spring. This place is in the heart of Bosnia, in Travnik, Bosnian capital in 18th century.
This corner of the town is called "Blue Water", famous for many hundreds years for anyone who wants to rest his soul for a few hours.
Near is good food, traditional coffee, quiet people and plenty of time for everyone. Nobody is in a hurry, time is slow.


Siroki Brijeg - Mediteranien Spirit

There is a place, close to Mostar and even Dubrovnik, where you can eat some food which you can't anywhere else.
Near Siroki Brijeg in west Hercegovina you can find a few restaurants where u can order a species which doesn't exist anywhere else except here. Small sweet-water fishes and crabs, together with local frogs, from the nearby river. Those fishes and crabs only can survive in very clean water, so the quality of the food is guaranteed.
If sometimes you are in the area, just contact me and I will give you direction guides and my recommendation to the host of the restaurant.
Enjoy your meal!