About Twitter Automation

Let's learn something useful today, something about automatic tweets, time saving and more intelligent use of Internet. When you set all up, you gonna feel proud on your self.
First, hope you have Twitter account, and you use it often to promote your business, blog all yourself. You need to tweet a lot to be recognised and to have as much followers, the real ones, who will check your work and interact with you.
I  spent a lot of time on my tweets and driving some traffic to my blog, or some other services. Then I somehow notice a service which offered something which I couldn't refuse it. This service gave me at least 4 hours of free time and a lot of different opportunities regarding e-mails, Facebook, SMS and some affiliate earnings. But, today I will focus just on Twitter.
So, let's start with some work instead of talking. :)
First, complete marketing toolbox you will find on SimplyCast web page. There you will sign up for all different services they offer for free. Than please just follow instruction which are very simple and quick, you can't miss anything important here. When you finish, you will be able to automate hundreds tweets daily, and also some other interesting stuff, about searching for followers, automatic messages, replies and so on.
My favourite is geographical search in "Smart List". You just enter key word, mark a city and put circle area in kilometres, and in a second you will have all tweeps about it for a certain area. Very nice and useful!
Please check it, and ask if something is fuzzily.
Have a nice day with something new!

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