The most beautiful river in the world, Una (The One)

I am not sure if there is another so beautiful river in the whole world. Una is simply out of the any competition and She is so unique that once you saw it, always dream about it to see it again. I was there several times and always really want to come back and enjoy the beauty of nature. Not so far Sarajevo, a few hours driving through scenic landscapes of west Bosnia. Even closer from Zagreb, passing Plitvice, Croatian national park.

What is more attractive? Green and turquoise colour of deep and clear water in the river or magical forest canyon miles and miles long. Or maybe all those small waterfalls with sparkling and drinking water? Or song of the nightingales when you are in the flat-water area, feeling like a character from some Strauss or Tchaikovsky waltz. Una is really unique as old Romans said when they first time saw it. The best way to check and see everything is to sit on a rafting boat and simply paddle down the river through rapids and waterfalls. Rest anywhere you like, sleep a while in the boat, drink river water and swim whenever you want.

Only one day is enough to get rest from everyday stress and systematic rush to nowhere. Only there it’s possible to understand how far we are from the true value and figure what we are missing in concrete and asphalt jungle around us. Only there you wake up and recall that you are inhabitant of such a beautiful planet named Earth. Don’t ever forget it! :)

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